No more hassle and no delays at the airport

Holidays that avoid flying - Why not have a relaxing holiday this time?

The newspapers are full of horror stories of four-hour delays and security scares. More and more, people hate flying. This may be partly for environmental reasons and partly because of delays and security scares but often just to get away from the hassle and frustration of airports and aircraft. No liquids, no laptops or phones, ever-stricter security and more and more delays. No wonder we are getting FED UP with flying. Even a fairly short trip seems to take up a whole day of travelling - most of it sitting around waiting for something to happen.

Break free! There are many other ways to take a holiday. This website presents the other options for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a simple UK break in a country cottage, a seaside holiday in this country or a holiday in Europe then this website is for you.

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